Cheesecloth Grade 20

Cheesecloth Grade #20 is available in bleached cotton in a 20 x 16 weave count 36″ wide and offered wrapped in a 4-ply fold boxed in 80 yard lengths. A highly versatile fabric, Grade 20 cheesecloth offers a slightly tighter weave than the grade 10 cheesecloth but is still considered a open and light weave and is popular for crafts and is a favorite for Halloween decorations (such as cheesecloth ghosts) but also has applications in the kitchen such as wrapping, dressing, or straining as it is a flavorless and odorless fabric. Last but not least grade 20 cheesecloth is a great choice for cleaning with its lint free and soft absorbent pure cotton texture.

For customers looking for a slightly higher weave count than the grade 10, this is the right choice.

Grade Price/Box Threads/Inch Content 5 Boxes
10 Boxes Box Sold In
#20 $49 20 x 16 100% Cotton $48 each $47 each 80 yard box