Who is CheeseCloth.us™?

Cheesecloth.us™ is where to buy your guaranteed low priced cheesecloth. We also offer quantity discounts on bulk orders.

What is Cheesecloth Fabric Made Of?

Cheesecloth fabric is made from 100% cotton fabric gauze. Traditionally used for cheese production, this natural cotton cloth won’t fall apart when wet and will not flavor the food it touches. Cheese cloth has a multitude of culinary uses including straining liquids – its open weave leaves a number of small holes, tight enough to hold solids but open enough to allow for adequate draining and sieving. In spite of being so fine, it doesn’t disintegrate when it is stretched or used to hold wet items. The fabric consists of natural cotton that is white, loosely woven and not dyed. (Cheesecloth is ideal for contact with various food groups such as cheese, yogurt, soup, e.t.c as no color is transferred being that it is a neutral colorless fabric).

How Do I Order?

Call us toll free at 1-800-238-0005 or email us at info@cheesecloth.us


All orders are normally shipped out via UPS and standard shipping charges apply. All orders are tax free outside the state of IL (IL – 9.75%).

I’m Located In Canada, Can I Order From You?

Please visit http://hometex.ca/fabric/cheesecloth

Returns Policy:

All returns made within 30 days of purchase are eligible for a refund minus a 20% restocking fee. To be eligible for a credit, all cheese cloth orders must be returned in the exact same condition it was received in and must not be cut, altered, or damaged in anyway.

What Exactly Do We Sell?

Our Cheese cloth comes folded continuously and is sold in boxes. Please check our homepage or products page for complete product details.

What can it be used for?

One thing cheesecloth can be used for is making wine. Learn more about it at the Wine Directory – Wine Directory and Winery Search.